14th AAF x SWR - Conference Highlights

14th ASEAN Asia Forum (AAF) X Sustainable World Resources (SWR) – Regional Opportunities, Fractured World Order

In October last year, we held the ASEAN and Asia Forum (AAF) in its 14th iteration, combined with a special edition of our flagship Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources (SWR) series, on the theme “Regional Opportunities, Fractured World Order”. The insights shared by our panellists and guest speakers have been gathered in this report.

The forum drew more than 200 high-level corporate leaders and policymakers who are also keen to expand their regional networks. CEOs of major multinational corporations, financial institutions, investors, and leading global experts also feature.

We would like to once again thank our sponsors who have contributed to the success of the AAF x SWR:

Key sponsors – HKETOMoody’sMUFG
Sponsors – Huawei and PSA International